The Director of Public Service is appointed by the Mayor and along with his 70 employees provides a variety of services to the citizens of Jackson.   Most City Service departments, other than Police and Fire, report to the Service Director.  This list includes all utilities such as Electric, The Water Treatment Plant, The Waste Water Treatment Plant, and Water Distribution & Sewage Collection.  Also included under the Department of Public Service are The Street & Alley, Garbage, Cemetery, Utility Billing,  Fleet Maintenance and Engineering Departments.

 Our Public Service infrastructure is responsible for providing the safe drinking water, environmentally sound sewage and storm water disposal, electricity to run the homes and businesses, streets, bridges and street lighting along with traffic control signs and devices.  We plow the snow and collect the garbage and of course send out the monthly bills which keep it all funded. 

 In order to keep up with the ever increasing demands on our infrastructure, the City invests millions each year in maintenance and upgrades to the systems.  Today, major renovations are underway for the Waste Water Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Plant, Storm and Sanitary Drainage systems, and Electric systems.  These presently planned improvements total $14 Million and are required to keep the systems up to date.

 The current Director of Public Service is also the Assistant Director of Public Safety and the City Engineer.