City Engineer – Job Description


The City Engineer’s position was created in 1996 as a contract employee.  Steven Benson has served in this position since that date.


The City Administration and Council realized a need for an Engineer on staff and also realized that it would save the City money to do so. Previously, all engineering was contracted out to Consultants as was the inspections of construction projects and grant application work.  Bringing a portion of this work “in house” resulted in better service to our citizens and an overall cost savings.


Many of the City’s small to medium sized infrastructure projects are now designed, bid and inspected by the City Engineer.  Sewer and water line replacements, paving programs, bridge replacements and other work is designed “in house”.


The City Engineer oversees improvements in all utilities such as electric, water treatment and distribution, waste water collection and treatment, and road & bridges.


In order to keep up with the ever increasing demands on our infrastructure, the City invests millions each year in maintenance and upgrades to the systems. Today, major renovations are underway at the Waste Water Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Plant, Storm and Sanitary Drainage systems, and the Electrical Distribution System.  These present projects total over $14 Million and are require to maintain reliability and to assure load growth.