Steven C. Benson, P.E., P.S.





Steve Benson has lived the majority of his life in Vinton County in Southern Ohio.  He is the son of the late Myron “Bud” and Velma Lucille (Dye) Benson who were born and raised in the Ray area and later returned to Vinton County upon his retirement from the Ohio State Highway Patrol.  Currently, Steve lives with wife Barbara (Rinehart) on Benson Road in Harrison Township in western Vinton County. His son Michael is enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and is serving his second deployment in Iraq.  His daughter Kelly is a senior at Vinton County High School in McArthur.


Steve is a registered Professional Engineer and Surveyor and is currently the City Engineer and Director of Public Service for the City of Jackson, Ohio.  A description of those job duties are listed below.


Steve Graduated from Ohio University in 1976 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and went to work for McNally Pittsburg Mfg. in Wellston Ohio.  McNally designed and built coal processing plants all over the world.  Steve worked there until it closed in 1987.


Steve then formed an  Engineering and Surveying consulting firm in partnership with Michael Stroth and worked there until he was hired as the Jackson City Engineer in 1996.  Steve continues to provide some consulting services through his firm SBA Associates on a part-time basis.


Steve is an avid pilot. He built a GlaStar kit airplane in his garage.  This plane is very similar to a high wing Cessna such as the 152 or 172.  He has flown this plane over much of the eastern United States including air shows in Florida and Wisconsin.  The GlaStar seats two, flies at 150 miles per hour and has an 800 mile range.   The engine is a Lycoming 180 Hp aircraft engine.


Steve enjoys travel, hunting, flying and scuba diving.





Job Description - Director of Public Service – Jackson, Ohio


Job Description - City Engineer – Jackson, Ohio